Important information

The following important documents regarding Dutch Star Companies ONE NV can be found below.

30 Apr 2019Voting results Voting results.pdf
18 Mar 2019Convocatie Convocatie AVA_2019.pdf
19 Feb 2019Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2018.pdf
26 Feb 2018Amendment of the Articles of Association per Settlement Amendment of the Articles of Association per Settlement.pdf
22 Feb 2018Articles of Association Dutch Star Companies ONE Articles of Association.pdf
22 Feb 2018Board Rules Dutch Star
Companies ONE
Board Rules.pdf

22 Feb 2018Audit Committee By-Laws Dutch Star
Companies ONE
Audit Committee By-Laws.pdf

22 Feb 2018Insider trading policy Dutch Star
Companies ONE Insider Trading Policy.pdf

22 Feb 2018Relationship Agreement Dutch Star
Companies ONE Relationship Agreement.pdf

Key financial information

Share capital

Dutch Star Companies ONE 5.536.500 ordinary shares with a nominal value of €0.06 and warrants are listed and traded on Euronext Amsterdam under the respective symbols DSC1, ISIN code NL0012747059 and DSC1W, ISIN code NL0012747067. Total market value of Dutch Star Companies ONE at listing on 22 February 2018 was € 55.365.000 million.

Furthermore, the promoters of Dutch Star Companies ONE will (indirectly) hold a total of 194,444 special shares with a nominal value of €0.42. These special shares cannot be traded but can be converted into ordinary shares at four different points in time, in each case without additional payment being required, provided that conversion will never become effective prior to the Business Combination completion date. As a basic principle, a promoter (indirectly) receives 7 ordinary shares upon conversion of 1 special share. All details of such conversion rights are included in the Prospectus. The promoters will be bound by a lock-up undertaking with respect to the ordinary shares obtained by them as a result of converting special shares.