Opportunity to invest in a successful mid-sized Dutch company

Dutch Star Companies ONE N.V. is a special purpose acquisition company (“SPAC”) for the purpose of acquiring a significant minority stake in a business with principal business operations in Europe, preferably in the Netherlands. Dutch Star Companies ONE shares and warrants are listed on Euronext Amsterdam as of 22 February 2018. Details of the investment proposition are described in the  Prospectus dated 9 February 2018.

Dutch Star Companies ONE is initiated by Oaklins based on its successful launch of three Italian SPAC’s. Dutch Star Companies ONE is led by established Dutch businessmen as promoters.

99% the of equity raised in the IPO will be deposited in an escrow account until at least 70% of the shareholders meeting of Dutch Star Companies ONE has approved the investment in a business (the target company), thereafter Dutch Star Companies ONE will seek to fully consolidate with the target company and the SPAC will continue the business activities under the name of the target company (at which point Dutch Star Companies ONE-shareholders will still hold listed shares).

Dutch Star Companies ONE aligns returns for investors, promoters and the target company’s shareholders aiming for a win-win-win. If a Business Combination is not proposed within 24 months after the IPO, invested funds deposited in the escrow account will be returned to shareholders.

A decision to invest should be solely based on the Prospectus.